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Orange County NY serviced by Masters Pest ControlFor more than 35 years, residents of Orange County, NY have looked to Masters Pest Control for high-caliber pest control services. Our uniformed technicians are respectful, competent, and experienced at managing the interior and exterior pests common to southeastern New York.

A combination of woodlands, marshes, and residential areas makes Orange County the perfect environment for a wide variety of pests, including several types of insects and rodents.

Our company’s long-lasting service to the region means we know what pests are likely to affect your home and yard (ticks and mosquitoes), when they reproduce, and how to carefully (and proactively) manage or remove them. Here are some of the pests we frequently treat in residences and businesses across Orange County:

Warwick, NY: Apple orchards and farmlands rich with the area’s trademark black dirt characterize Warwick’s pastoral landscape. The spring and summer blossoms that make Warwick such a popular tourist location also attract yellow jackets, hornets and wasps. Carpenter ants and termites are also plentiful in this rural setting. Ticks and mosquitoes are abundant here as well.

Port Jervis, NY: Tucked between the Neversink and Delaware River Valleys, Port Jervis provides ample hiking and biking opportunities to explore the area’s scenic watersheds. The wooded areas are equally visited by residents, tourists, and local insects. Ticks, which can carry many pathogens including Lyme Disease, are a particularly common pest. Mosquitoes are common in Orange County, and Port Jervis is no exception – and let us not forget the ever-present carpenter ants and termites. During the warm season in Port Jervis, there is no shortage of stinging insects like yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets too.

Monroe, NY: The village and town of Monroe are residential areas with convenient access to peaceful water bodies and parks. During the cooler months, pests like spiders and crickets will seek shelter to escape the colder temps. Mice are also known to seek shelter in our homes during the colder months. As temps begin to warm up, take notice as pests like carpenter ants, termites, ticks, mosquitoes, and the host of nuisance stinging insects make there return.

Chester, NY: The village and town of Chester were built upon on their agricultural exports, especially dairy products. This area has rich and proud history, but not unlike other rural towns in Orange County they are prone to mice and other pests common to the area. Pest control requires a sustained and determined effort to control the pests common to this area.

Orange County NY serviced by Masters Pest ControlWashingtonville & Salisbury Mills, NY – With its nearby train trestle, pristine lakes, and rolling hills and pastures, the Washingtonville/Salisbury Mills area of Orange County offers an abundance of serene beauty. However, all of this serene natural beauty comes at a price. What’s good in nature is not always what’s best for people. There is no shortage of ticks, mosquitoes, and stinging insects that can make enjoying your property difficult. Carpenter ants and termites are necessary in nature, but these pests can damage homes, and that’s not good.

Residents of Orange County enjoy the best of both worlds: the picturesque environment of the Hudson Valley and easy access to urban life. Unfortunately, the same opportunity is available to local pests who roam the great outdoors before seeking shelter in homes and garages. Our pest management professionals are polite, knowledgeable, and experienced in treating Orange County’s household and yard pests. We are happy to answer your questions and will proudly treat your home as our own!

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Trouble with Carpenter Bees in your area?

Carpenter Bees can be considered a wood destroying insect, and if left alone for long periods of time they cause great damage that may be costly to repair.

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Jennifer & John E. – Milford, PA

We’ve been using Master’s for over 3 years mainly for mouse remediation and prevention, but also for a single ant issue. Their customer service is great and all the techs we’ve dealt with have been extremely courteous and skilled imparting a lot of practical home owner knowledge along the way.

Jackie B. – Milford, PA

We’ve relied on Masters for years, for various problems. We highly recommend their professionalism and environmentally safer options.

Shari B. – Milford, PA

We have been using Masters Pest Control for over five years now. They are prompt, communicate well and offer great customer service. Very accommodating as well. I would highly recommend this company.

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