Warwick NY offers a beautfiul sunrise over the mountainsThe town of Warwick has a long-storied past. Starting as a village in 1764, the area eventually became home to a Continental Army encampment which was led by Captain John Hathorn. Hathorn and his troops were stationed there in order to prevent the British from seizing the nearby iron mines. The iron from these mines was crucial in the construction of the Hudson River Chain, as well as bullets for the Continental Army. After the war, Warwick went on to become a prosperous town. Soon after, a number of villages and hamlets began to spring up in the town, one of which shared the town’s name.

Nowadays the town of Warwick is home to an estimated 32,065 people. It’s renowned for its music festivals, orchards, vineyards, pumpkin patches, hiking trails, and waterfronts. The combination of agriculture and cultural delights makes Warwick a charming place to live and visit all year round. However, humans aren’t the only ones to enjoy gourmet nibbles and seasonal produce. Pests such as flies, bees and wasps, ants, and rodents also benefit from the region’s abundant farms and frequent events.

A barn in a field in Warwick NYMice pose a particular problem for Warwick’s popular food trucks, restaurants, and venues. Mice are adept at chewing into bags and boxes of food, jeopardizing products and making them ineligible for sale. An infestation is also a serious liability for restaurants that must pass health and safety inspections in order to operate. At the earliest sign of a mouse problem, food and beverage vendors must contact professional pest services to treat the facility.

The region’s wineries also attract bees and wasps seeking sugar. As a result, you might find bees or wasps flitting around your glass of wine or beer. Although these pests are not as bothersome as mice, there are certain situations in which professional pest control is necessary. For example, wasps can become aggressive when their nest is disturbed, swarming and stinging the responsible party. Repeated exposure to stings is dangerous, especially for small children and the elderly. For this reason, home and business owners should never attempt to remove a bee or wasp nest.

You can protect your businesses and homes by calling Masters Pest Control. Our team of highly trained rodent control specialists have been treating Warwick’s common pests, including mice, bees, and wasps, for more than thirty years. At the first sign of a pest problem, call the Masters.

Trouble with Carpenter Ants in your area?

In the northeast carpenter ants are probably do more damage to homes than termites. They are probably the #1 wood damaging pest pest, and most likely to do damage to your home.

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Dr. B. – Montague, NJ

Have been using Masters Pest Control for a number of years. They are always responsive, prompt, and courteous. Truly a professional team.

Thomas K. – Sparta, NJ

This was our first time using Masters Pest Control and we are very happy with the service they provided. The technician was very knowledgeable and friendly.

Marie V. – Dingmans Ferry, PA

Have owned a second home in PA for about 2 years now and did not know who to call for pest control for Mice… Masters came out to our home and took care of the issue, they were professional, knowledgeable and most of all did NOT rip us off!! They are great!!

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