Mosquitoes are a growing public health risk in the United States, where their bites have overtaken bee stings as the leading insect-related cause of death. Depending on the species, mosquitoes live from four to 30 days, with much of that time spent in or near water. Mosquitoes breed anywhere there is standing water, which can include playground equipment, water laden gutters, over-watered flower pots, bird baths, discarded soda cans, and of course, larger bodies of stagnant water, like flooded grounds, or children’s pools. Anything that will hold water for 10 to 15 days will work for the mosquito.

Masters Pest Control encourages property owners to inspect their property for standing water and, if found, drain the water. Visit the CDC website for information on personal protection, including repellent, and call Masters Pest Control to learn more about our innovative In2Care Mosquito Program. Contact us at 877-546-9575.

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