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A beautiful waterfall in Pike CountyMasters Pest Control provides Pike County, PA residents with exceptional pest control customized to their environment. Our knowledgeable technicians and staff are well-versed in identifying and removing northeastern Pennsylvania’s common household and garden pests.

Pike County remains one of Pennsylvania’s seven completely rural counties. Its forests are home to an abundance of wildlife, including several pest varieties. Mosquitos, ants, and termites are just some of the critters that populate the region’s hilly woods and wetlands. As the seasons change, homeowners throughout Pike County are likely to see the telltale signs of pests.

At Masters Pest Control, we have over 35 years of experience providing pest control services in Pike County, Pennsylvania. We know the pests common to the region’s varied environments and seasons. Here are some of the pests we treat in different communities across the county.

Milford, PA: Milford, the County seat of Pike County, is nestled between wooded, sloping hills and the Delaware river. Given the surrounding rural area, Milford residents encounter spiders, ants (especially carpenter ants), termites, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and mice. I will often say to folks in the area that are concerned with carpenter ants that “finding  carpenter ants in Pike County is like finding leaves.”

Matamoras, PA: Like Milford, woods border Matamoras borough to the south and the west. The Delaware River runs along the north and east, however, bringing with its flowing waters different kinds of pests. Termites and carpenter ants are a particularly common household pest in Matamoras. River basin soil and lots of trees make for perfect conditions for wood damaging pests.

Dingmans Ferry, PA: Dingmans Ferry is in the heavily forested area of Delaware Township, which runs along the Delaware River separating Pennsylvania from New Jersey. Given the region’s woodlands, carpenter ants and termites are a frequent threat to homes. Make no mistake that there is no shortage of mice, ticks, and stinging insects in Dingmans Ferry too.

Hemlock Farms, PA: Situated in Lords Valley, Pennsylvania, Hemlock Farms features sprawling woods and peaceful lakes. The forested area provides ample ground for fleas and ticks to multiply. Though small, these pests pose a risk to both residents and pets if they find a way into the home. Stinging insects like yellow jackets, hornets, and wasps also pose a threat in Hemlock  Farms. Less of a risk to people, termites and carpenter ants can be a significant risk to homes in Hemlock.

Shohola, and the surrounding area is the rural setting for those that like to be in touch with nature. This picturesque countryside community offers peace and tranquility, but it comes with a cost, and that cost is greater exposure to wood damaging insects like carpenter ants and termites, and household pests like mice and spiders.

A quiet path in Pike CountyWe know there is nothing more tranquil than the sound of nature beyond your front door. Still, there may come a day when nature’s pests cross your threshold. If and when pests enter your home, call Masters Pest Control. Our exterminators are polite, friendly, and experienced in treating Pike County’s household and garden pests. We are happy to answer your questions and will proudly treat your home as our own!

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We’ve been using Masters Pest Control for almost three years. We have a log cabin and have to be extremely diligent about controlling pests. Donnie and Tyler are two of the guys that come out on a regular basis and they are wonderful! They really go above and beyond at every appointment. Customer service is always very friendly and helpful as well, which isn’t something you find with a lot of companies. I highly recommend this company!!!!

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