Fleas are a very common problem in the northeast. Whether you live in Sussex County New Jersey in towns like Sparta, Vernon or Newton, or Pike County, Pennsylvania towns of Dingmans Ferry, Hawley, Shohola or Milford, fleas are a major pest problem that can cause discomfort for family and pest. Fleas are also a common pest in Orange County, New York in towns like Warwick, Goshen, Monroe, Middletown, and Port Jervis

It is very unlikely that a flea problem will go away on its own, and “Do-it-yourselfers” will often fail. Do-it-yourselfers, in so much as they try, accomplish little more than expose themselves and others to unnecessary pesticide exposure. Here is an example of what I mean: DIY’ers often “bomb” all the rooms. When asked if they covered the toilet tissue napkins, Salt and pepper shakers, or towels I will get that “deer in the head lights look” and the humble response “no”. That’s only one example of what I mean by unnecessary exposure.

The adult fleas in your house typically make up only 20% of the flea population. The remaining 80% will be in the egg, larval, or pupae stage. Somewhat daunting wouldn’t you say? Not really! Not when you Ask the Masters. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to eliminate fleas from your home and reduce your exposure to pesticides, and our service is guaranteed.

If you call Masters Pest Control and schedule a free no obligation appointment you will be on your way to a flea free house. Or you can email us at info@masterspestcontrol.com. It’s that simple. Want to know more about fleas click the link: Flea Biology 101 . Want to know more about how to prepare for a flea treatment click the link Flea Treatment Preparation Checklist .

Never, ever kill fleas by squeezing them with your nails. Just don’t do it!

Ask the Masters about prevention programs that can greatly reduce the risk of fleas and ticks from invading your home. Service warranties apply to every prevention program.

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