Carpenter Ants

Whether you live in Sussex County New Jersey in towns like Sparta, Vernon or Newton, or Pike County Pennsylvania towns of Dingmans Ferry, Hawley, Shohola or Milford. Carpenter ants are also a common pest in Orange County New York in towns like Warwick, Goshen, Monroe, Middletown, and Port Jervis. In the northeast, carpenter ants probably do more damage to homes than termites. They are probably the #1 wood damaging pest, and most likely to do damage to your home. It is also important to note that carpenter ants and termites are not mutually exclusive. You can have both.

The first signs of carpenter ants are often foragers looking for nutrition to bring back to the nest, or reproductives that are swarming. Either way, homeowners are generally not properly equipped to handle this problem, and often make the situation worse by trying to take care of it themselves. Proper control of carpenter ants generally requires a determined effort by a skilled professional.

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Ask the Masters about prevention programs that can greatly reduce the risk of damaging carpenter ants from nesting on or invading in your home. Service warranties apply to every prevention program.

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