Vernon is a wooded region is northeastern Sussex County, New Jersey. Beloved for its natural resources, including the Appalachian Trail, Wawayanda State Park, and the Wallkill National Wildlife Refuge, Vernon is a perfect refuge for people vacationing during the warm summer months.

Nevertheless, with summer heat comes summer pests. For example, many of Vernon’s abundant trails and forests contain ticks. Ticks are a common, yet dangerous trail companion. They are carriers of both Lyme disease and Powassan disease, which are transmitted to humans through tick bites. Preventative measures to limit exposure to ticks are critical as these diseases can negatively impact quality of life.

Fleas are another pest common to Vernon and the surrounding areas. Though generally less dangerous than ticks, fleas are able to reproduce rapidly and quickly become pervasive. They lay hundreds of eggs at a time, and feed and travel on rodents and other wildlife common in the area. Accordingly, Vernon’s wooded areas are an ideal breeding ground for fleas, which then enter into homes via mice, rats, squirrels, and pets.

There are several preventative measures you can take to avoid ticks and fleas while hiking, fishing, and enjoying nature. To prevent bites on exposed skin, CDC recommends using products with ≥20% DEET.

Long sleeves and pants are also crucial to preventing tick and flea bites. Additionally, treating your clothes with permethrin will prevent these pests from clinging to fabric and hitching a ride home with you.

When the great outdoors is as close as your backyard however, you need professional pest control services to protect your home. Masters Pest Control provides trained specialists who can treat flea and tick infestations before they begin. They will safely and responsibly treat your property to prevent unwanted pests from entering your living spaces. Keep your family and pets safe each spring and summer with pest control from the Masters.

Trouble with Fleas in your area?

Fleas are very common problem in the northeast. The adult fleas in your house typically make up only 20% of the flea population. The remaining 80% will be in the egg, larval, or pupae stage.

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