Vernon is an area in Northeast Sussex County. People flock to Vernon in the summer to enjoy the Appalachian Trail and Mountain Creek Water Park. However, Vernon also brings an even larger flock of pests in the summer.

In Vernon, many of the abundant trails and wooded areas contain ticks and other pests. Ticks are particularly dangerous pests in the area, because they carry Lyme disease as well as the dreaded Powassan disease. Both of these diseases are spread by the bite of ticks, and can prove to be fatal in some cases. Powassan disease has a fatality rate of 5-25% for “neuroinvasive strains” of the disease.

While usually not as dangerous as ticks, the area also has a great deal of trouble with fleas. Many people, even some without pets, have flea troubles in Vernon. This is because fleas lay hundreds of eggs at a time, and feed on rodents and other wildlife in the area for survival. Because of this, many of the wooded areas function as breeding grounds for fleas. They can also hitch a ride on mice, rats, or squirrels to find their way into your home.

Avoid Pests in Vernon

To avoid these pests while out in the woods, it’s recommended that you use bug sprays with at least 20% DEET. Treating your clothes in permethrin can also repel ticks and fleas. In addition to this, you should wear clothing with maximum skin coverage to avoid giving any unwanted passengers an opportunity to bite in, and avoid coming in direct contact with wildlife that might carry parasitic insects.

While these measures will help in short-term visits to the woods, when these pests live in your backyard, it’s a different story. DEET isn’t a chemical you want to apply every day. Individuals regularly exposed to DEET are more likely to have insomnia, mood disturbances and impaired cognitive function.

In the case of these pests in your home, it’s a better idea to call the Masters, at Masters Pest Control. Our trained specialists know what brings these pests to your home. We can start attacking your pest problem before it even develops with preventative care. With our help, living in the woods doesn’t mean you need to live in fear of pest related diseases.

Trouble with Carpenter Bees in your area?

Carpenter Bees can be considered a wood destroying insect, and if left alone for long periods of time they cause great damage that may be costly to repair.

Seasonal Pests


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