a scenic view of a pond in newton njNestled in Kittatinny Valley is the town of Newton, New Jersey, surrounded by rural land on every side and providing shopping and supplies for the surrounding area. Home to the Sussex County Historical Society, Newton boasts several museums including the Hill Memorial Museum and Newton Fire Museum.

Not unlike other urban areas, residents of Newton are concerned about bed bugs and rodents. Most people who encounter bed bugs are younger renters, which describes many people in Newton, although bed bugs are a rapidly rising problem that affects many people every year.

Since often people travel from 30 minutes to an hour away to visit Newton, from New York City and surrounding areas, this exacerbates the amount of bed bugs in the city, particularly because bed bugs are so small and can be carried so easily without their host realizing it. Bed bugs can also often go months without food, meaning they travel and last for a long while without a host. Although they were almost eradicated, bed bug populations have risen by almost 50% every year across the world.

fall scene of a railroad track in newton njBesides bed bugs, rodents are a common problem in the area, living in walls and under floorboards. Vacant houses often act as a breeding ground for rats and mice, with rodents spreading out into neighboring homes when they’ve outgrown the vacant space. Rats, for example, can swim up to a mile, fit into a hole the size of a quarter, and squeeze themselves through a gap ¾ of an inch wide. Given that rats also breed quickly, with 8-12 rats per litter, the problem can get out of hand. Rats and mice also carry diseases, so neither they nor their feces should be handled by anyone other than a professional.

For these pests, as well as any others, Masters has a 30-year history of operating in the area. As a family-owned business, we’ll treat your home like we would treat ours, and approach every job with honesty and integrity. Give us a call at 877-546-9575 to find out how we can help you today.

Trouble with Fleas in your area?

Fleas are very common problem in the northeast. The adult fleas in your house typically make up only 20% of the flea population. The remaining 80% will be in the egg, larval, or pupae stage.

Seasonal Pests


Joseph S. – Dingmans Ferry, PA

I have been using Masters for about a month. They are controlling in house mice and insects. After 3 visits the rodent traffic has just about stopped. Master’s provides outstanding service at a very reasonable price. I had three visits to date with three different technicians and all were very friendly and knowledgable. I would recommend Master’s to all home owners who have a rodent and insect problem.

Jim J. – Greenwood Lake, NY

Excellent comprehensive service. Robert did a great job in a clear and effective manner. He knows what he is doing.

Jackie B. – Milford, PA

We’ve relied on Masters for years, for various problems. We highly recommend their professionalism and environmentally safer options.

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