Andover is a quiet area in Sussex County, New Jersey, often known for countless antique stores and talented local artists. In areas like this, it’s less about the noise and excitement, and more about appreciating creativity and craftsmanship. Being in a mostly rural county, pests are a fairly common occurrences in Andover, but Andover’s pest problem isn’t anything we can’t handle.

Pests in Andover

There can be any number of issues, ranging from raccoons in the trashcans to termites in the floorboards.  Ticks can be found outside of the home, while fleas or bed bugs might be found inside. No home is safe, and there are many different possibilities for to pests move, breed, and spread throughout your home.

Tips to Deal with Pests

With so many potential pests, there’s not a lot you can do to keep a pest free home. However, there are a few ways to protect your home from invaders:

  1. Keep everything sealed tight.– Loose mortar, gaps in wood, and cracks in stone, bricks, or cement are all open doors to pests. A small crack can let a termite in, a small hole will let a rodent in, and larger holes can turn your home into an unfortunate petting zoo of unwanted animals.
  2. Leave furniture where you found it. – If you see a piece of furniture in a dumpster or the side of the road, it’s always tempting to save a few bucks and grab it. However, bed bugs can lie dormant in furniture for months, and any number of other pests could move into and/or lay eggs inside of the wood, metal, or fabric of your thrifty discovery. Next time the thought crosses your mind; remember it can always just be a Trojan horse for pests.
  3. Be mindful of woodpiles. – Woodpiles can house any number of pests, from roaches to termites. Keep these piles away from the house, and be careful not to let any unwanted guests scurry into your home when bringing the wood in . Chopped wood can serve as a nice stop on the way to your home, or a good way for pests to travel when you move it.
  4. Keep things high and dry. – Soil and moisture are not good for your home, many pests need moisture, and many pests travel along the soil. Keeping things raised will prevent some of the less vertical-mobile pests from moving in. Termites for instance, travel through the dirt and attempt to reach wooden sections of your home from the ground. That said, should your home have a large vertical gap between the soil and the wood, your home will be less likely to have termite issues.
  5. Keep it clean! – We’re not talking about a stain on the couch, we’re talking about things like debris and food. When you leave the leaves out on the lawn or don’t pick up a tarp or similarly large object from the yard, you’re creating a shelter for pests. Pests all want a roof over their head, and they’re short on rent money, so that kiddy pool you haven’t touched in months will do just fine for them. In addition, any food you leave out is likely tastier than what they’re having, so they’ll help themselves to that too.

Should prevention fail, professional help may be needed. In the case that this occurs, it’s always a good choice to call the Masters, at Masters Pest Control. We have over 30 years of experience in the area, exterminating just about any pest you can think of. There’s no shame in failing to prevent a pest problem, because with the Masters at your side a pest solution is not far behind.