How to Deal with Mosquitoes this Spring

                    If you thought that this seemingly endless winter has postponed the mosquitoes from attacking, then think again.  Many species of mosquitoes are already active. One such species is the northern house mosquito. Adults of this species spend their winter in protected areas, watching over their […]

Carpenter Ants: Blog

Carpenter ants are named because of their tendency to build their homes inside of dead trees. Unlike fire ants or most ant species, they tend to build their nests in trees instead of underground. That being said they can have underground networks around the main colony. However, carpenter ants cannot tell the difference between forest […]

Six Stages of Bed Bug Development

Bed bugs have been a part of civilization since, well, since we’ve had beds. In fact they’ve been around so long that we even have phrases about them. “Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite!” Not that these pests only inhabit beds, though. Bed bugs can also be hiding in your walls and furniture […]

Asian Beetles

Asian Beetles are a type of beetle that has spread throughout America and parts of Canada. As a member of the Coccinellidae family of beetles, this species looks similar to other lady beetles. Because of these similarities, it may be difficult to tell these pests apart from their peaceful siblings. In order to clear up this […]