Environmental Modifications Pest Control

What is environmental modifications pest control? It is the practice of controlling and or reducing conditions that are favorable to pests. Pests survive and thrive when environments appeal to their senses, and those senses are attracted to dirt, clutter, litter, and moisture. Masters Pest Control offers services to help rid homes and yards of unwanted […]

Warming Up for Spring and Summer Pests

After being cooped up for the winter months, most of us are eager to get back outside. We want to go wherever we want, stay out longer, and resume our regular lives. But while we’re looking forward to living it up outside, the insects and other pests you forgot about over the winter are ready […]

Winter: House Hunting Time for Rodents

Insects may be in retreat because of the cold weather, but a larger more intelligent pest is emerging. Rodents, specifically mice and rats, are the next wave of invaders from which you must defend your home. If that doesn’t worry you, realize that, the next time you hear something go bump in the night, it […]