Keep Ticks and Mosquitos Away This Summer

Spring has brought the pest world back to life! Over the past couple months, you’ve probably noticed common nuisances start to appear like ants, termites, and bees. Summer pests, though, can bring some serious health threats. It’s not all fireflies and cicadas, as ticks and mosquitos are in their prime and can carry disease. Most […]

Warm Weather = More Pests

Flowers and birds aren’t all that have returned with the warm weather. Insects are back too! While flowers grow outside your home and stay put, pests can, fly, crawl, and make their way into your home. Soon, your dishwasher is an ant farm or your favorite sweater a buffet. And those are just the harmless […]

How do Bugs Survive the Winter?

As the temperature drops and the snow falls, we all seem to have our minds on the cold and forget about the bugs. They bother us so much in the other seasons but where do they disappear to in the winter? The truth is, they pretty much do disappear. Different kinds of bugs have different […]

Asian Lady Beetle

Lady Bug or Asian Lady Beetle? When it comes to the ladybug you may already have an idea of what they look like and what they do. We all enjoy their colorful spotted appearance and small half-sphere shaped body. These harmless and also beneficial creatures can sometimes get mixed up with the Asian lady beetle. […]