The Most Wonderful Time of the Year…for the Tri-state’s Rodents Control Them with These Seasonal Tips

The Holidays are a time of good will, but not when it comes to Tri-state rodent control! While it’s no secret that mice and rats begin making their way indoors as the temperature drops each year, many homeowners do not realize that the holiday season in particular creates some of the conditions most conducive to an infestation. Cooking for large gatherings, treats, the crumbs leftover, gingerbread houses, and oh so many boxes! The “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” sign on your porch might as well be flashing “Vacancy” to rodents (continental breakfast included!). With the holidays upon us, supplementing cheer and jolliness with some extra knowledge and prevention can allow Tri-State families to enjoy their homes in peace.

The Nutcracker doesn’t do the Mouse King’s malice justice. Rodents carry more than 35 diseases as well as fleas and ticks. Additionally, their nests and droppings contain bacteria known to cause respiratory problems. Learn what the CDC has to say about rodent-borne illnesses, here.

When one considers rodent-borne microbes in the context of these pests’ insatiable appetites, a veritable Nightmare Before Christmas emerges. Rodents are a known source of food contamination, and your food is the main thing they’re after.

Big meals and sugary treats are among the favorite holiday traditions. In the case of gingerbread houses and popcorn garlands, food can even become part of the décor. Taking simple preventative measures can keep you from having to vacuum up droppings before the guests notice.

We all know that sealing food in airtight containers and storing goods in pantries, rather than on the counter, helps keep mice from locating them. But what about while the food is being prepared? Taking a couple extra minutes here and there to clean up as you cook not only saves time afterward but also removes crumbs, sugar, and other food particles that might attract pests.

In the case of food-based decorations, gingerbread houses can be placed under glass or can be sprayed with craft varnish. The latter renders them inedible, but were you really going to eat all that hard work? Varnish is also an excellent way to preserve garlands and allows these decorations to be reused next year.

Let’s not forget about the presents! Kids aren’t the only ones that enjoy the boxes they come in. Clutter like cardboard, packing materials, and wrapping paper make excellent hiding spots and nesting areas for mice. Breakdown boxes and take them out to the recycling bin as they’re collected, rather than allowing them to accumulate in the basement or garage. Less mess means fewer nests!

A note on that bin, though: garbage and recycling receptacles should always be stored away from your home so as not to attract rodents to the house in the first place.

Fall 2024 was an exceptionally busy season for mice and rats. Making your rodent control to-do list and checking it twice before the holidays are in full swing helps keep your home full of holiday cheer, rather than mice and rats! When all else fails, call the Masters at (877) 546-9575 or click here to banish the Mouse King!