Tri-State Rodent Control: Your Annual Reminder to Get a Head Start

As autumn continues, temperatures drop. Some pests begin preparing to hibernate, while others, like rodents, become more active. These unwanted critters are on the lookout for food, shelter, and warmth, making your home an inviting destination. However, with cold whether fast approaching, families in the Tri-State region can ensure their homes remain rodent-free by taking necessary pest control precautions.

During the winter, rodents are driven to find shelter, sustenance, and safety. Once they gain entry to your home, these pests seek refuge in concealed spots like wall voids or attics. Rodents, including rats and mice, are notorious carriers of over 35 diseases harmful to both humans and pets. Moreover, they can introduce additional pests like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, and their nests and droppings may contain airborne bacteria that pose a risk to your family’s respiratory health. Learn more about the health risks posed by rodents, here.

The threats posed by these pests extend beyond health concerns. Rodents can wreak havoc by gnawing on various items, from insulation to electrical wiring, potentially sparking fires. In fact, the U.S. Fire Administration estimates that rodents or household pets are responsible for approximately 20% of house fires with unknown origins in the United States each year.

Thankfully, there are preventive measures to shield your property from rodent infestations. Conduct thorough inspections to identify and promptly seal any openings or cracks in your walls. Remember that even a hole the size of a dime can provide access for a mouse, while a quarter-sized hole is sufficient for a rat. Secure your food in airtight containers, eliminate yard debris that serves as cover for rodents, and declutter your living space. While rodent traps can be helpful, rats are intelligent enough to avoid them, though mice may be less wary.

If you spot rats or mice around your home, it’s crucial to call in the Tri-State rodent control experts. Rats and mice reproduce rapidly, turning a nuisance into a full-blown infestation. Masters Pest Control’s experienced technicians are available for inspections consultations, and rodent control treatments.

Winter is for cozy moments with loved ones, not worrying about pests. The experienced professionals at Masters Pest Control excel in identifying nesting and feeding areas, eradicating infestations, and executing proper cleanup once the issue is resolved. Get started by requesting a quote or contacting the Masters at 877-546-9575.