No Shortcuts for Tristate Flea Control

For residents of the Tristate, flea control is a complex task that teaches a simple lesson: combatting these tiny pests on your own can be a losing battle. Common DIY approaches, like “flea bombs” or thorough cleaning, often allow fleas to return with a vengeance. Enlisting the services of a professional is the wisest course of action.

Understanding how fleas infiltrate homes is essential. Fleas are prevalent in the northeast, often making their way indoors via, pets, mice, rats and other small woodland creatures. Pets, and other animals act as carriers, providing the ideal environment for fleas to thrive. Fleas will lay eggs on their hosts, which eventually fall off into the surrounding area, infesting carpets, furniture, and ultimately, your home. In fact, adults comprise only 20% of the flea population. The remaining 80% exists as eggs, larvae, and pupae.

What’s more, fleas multiply rapidly in warm, humid environments. Even if you manage to eliminate adult fleas, the eggs, larvae, and pupae can hatch within weeks, or even months depending on environmental conditions, making complete eradication a formidable challenge. While in the egg and pupae (cocoon) stage, the flea is protected from most treatments and can remain in this protected, dormant state for several months until such time as a blood host is detected. Sometimes the dormant state can outlast the known effectiveness of the product used.

Many people resort to using “flea bombs,” but this risks unnecessary pesticide exposure. It can be a challenge to reach every surface and area where flea larvae might be hiding, such as under furniture or in room corners. Instead, “bombs” often coat uncovered surfaces and everyday items in chemicals, complicating an already problematic situation.

It is essential to address flea infestations promptly. Masters Pest Control’s professional, licensed technicians are equipped with the expertise needed to fully eliminate fleas while minimizing pesticide exposure. We offer guaranteed service and provide a free, no-obligation initial consultation. Learn how to prepare for flea treatments here then contact us at to schedule your free consultation.