Carpenter Ant Pest Control for Tri-State Homes

No one likes an unwelcome guest in their home, let alone thousands of them. Pest control needs in the Tri-State are different during the warmer months. The summer represents the peak time of activity for carpenter ants, a particularly difficult pest to eliminate from homes. Masters Pest Control has the experience and knowledge to help rid your property of these pests.

Carpenter ants love wood, especially when it’s moist. They hollow out wood to build tunnels for their nests and colonies. A mature colony can possess around 3,000 ants with satellite nests all over your home. You can find these pests in areas vulnerable to moisture, such as windows, basements, attics, and entry points. Carpenter ants are also found in damaged wood, tree stumps, or near cracks and crevices throughout your residence. Food and water sources aren’t safe either as they’re also attracted to proteins and sugars.

A sign of a carpenter ant infestation is the appearance of wood frass, small piles of wood that resemble sawdust or pencil shavings. Carpenter ants may look like flying termites at first glance, but they share a few differences. Termites consume wood, while carpenter ants typically only dig through wood. They also have different wing sizes, and some ants aren’t winged at all. Winged carpenter ants are a sign of a larger problem, as wings do not appear until two or more years after a colony is established.

Costly structural damage has usually occurred by the time signs of a colony are noticed. Homeowners run into problems attempting to solve their carpenter ant issues with DIY solutions. Treatments and sprays are ineffective as colonies seek out new hiding places after any disturbance around their nests. This also causes carpenter ants to conceal their presence for extended periods of time, usually only being active between the hours of 10:00 pm & 4:00 am. It’s important you contact the pest experts at Masters Pest Control upon noticing any infestation signs.

At Masters Pest Control, we focus on establishing a protective barrier around your home to prevent new infestations. We offer the Tier 1 program that protects your home against ants during their most active times. This is achieved through applying 3 seasonal applications to your property during spring, summer, and fall. Applications remain effective for roughly 3 months, so seasonal maintenance and reapplications are conducted to maintain the protective barrier around your home. You can learn more about our methods for treating and eliminating carpenter ants by clicking here.


Carpenter ants can be difficult to notice and even harder to eliminate, but our ant prevention and treatment programs simplify dealing with these pests. Schedule a consultation with our experts by calling 877-546-9575 today.