Should You Buy a Home in New York That Has Termite Damage?

termites damaging a home in new yorkProspective homeowners in Pike and Orange County have an exciting journey ahead of them when securing the house of their dreams. Finding the perfect home is an amazing adventure and a huge milestone. You go through the initial viewing, the offer, inspection process, and more all in the hopes that you and the seller can come to an agreement. High hopes can be easily dashed by what might seem like bad news: termite damage.

These pests are prolific in the state of New York and populate both urban and forested areas. It’s not a matter of if you’ll encounter them, but when. In fact, termites are so common that the Environmental Protection Agency has dedicated an entire resource page on how to identify and prevent them– click here to read it.

Homebuyers might be asking themselves: is termite damage a complete deal breaker, or should the house be considered? In our current real estate climate, houses are not easy to come by and all possible avenues should be examined. Bearing that in mind, here are some important factors when deciding whether to buy a house with prior termite damage:

  1. Where the damage is plays a big part of whether it’s worthwhile. Is there termite damage in the main support of the home? Is there structural damage? If so, these might be deal breakers. An inspector could tell you if the damaged area is load-bearing, or how extensive the damage is. Talk to the inspector about the possibilities of repair for any compromised area.
  2. Secure a Wood-Destroying Insect Report. Although lenders require termite inspections for the most part, a Wood-Destroying Insect Report, often called a termite letter or termite contract, will also check for wood-boring beetles, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees as well. A termite letter will assess the presence of any wood-destroying insects, entail whether damage is found, and recommended treatments, and in New York, there are more than just termites that can cause damage.
  3. Consider the potential cost of repairs. Do you have a good amount of money saved up for an unfortunate expense, or will buying this house wipe out any savings you have? If the latter, a house with termite damage poses more of a risk. On the one hand, houses with termite damage have a better sticker price. On the other hand, termite damage might cost extensively for control and treatment, and then reinforcement of main support structures.

If you’re looking into buying or selling a home, one of the best ways you can prepare yourself is by seeking out qualified pest control specialists to assess the property for termite and other wood-boring insect damage. Learn more about termites and many other pests by clicking here to read our pest library. Arming yourself with knowledge will only help you deal with these pests in the long run.

Termite control and restoration is nearly impossible to do yourself. DIY methods might not fully eradicate this pest, and with the foundation of your home at stake this is one area where you want to call a professional. If you’re in need of a qualified specialist to assess a home or help you deal with these difficult insects, the Masters are here to help! We treat your home like our own and have over 40 years of experience in managing even the most difficult pest control problems. Call us at 877-546-9575 with your questions and click here to check out our other blog posts.