Pest Control in the Cold: How to Protect Your Home in the Winter Months

cracks being sealedWinter is a time when most pests slow down, but unfortunately you can’t get lax about your personal pest control measures. Although some pests die or go dormant, many others look for a warm environment where they can ride out the cold weather. A warm space, access to food and water, and plenty of places to hide make your home the perfect refuge for rodents and insects. Here are some tips, outside of regular pest treatment from a professional, that will help prevent rodents, cockroaches, or other pests from finding their way indoors.

  1. Seal your house as much as possible. Not only will this keep the heat in, it will keep bugs out! Add weatherstrips or door-seal kits to doorframes, and use mortar or cement to patch foundation and masonry walls.
  2. Store food properly. Pests like rodents, cockroaches, and ants can survive and thrive on human food. Eliminate their food source by placing food in tightly sealed containers and never leaving open food out for them to find. Sweep as often as possible to get crumbs off the floor as well.
  3. Wash and dry seasonal clothing. If you’re pulling out blankets, coats, or other winter textiles out of storage for the season, make sure that you wash everything with hot water. Pests like clothes moths and even bed bugs, cockroach eggs, more can find a safe place in your stored items and could find a way into your home from your attic or basement this way. Check your items carefully.
  4. Wash your travel items and luggage when returning from trips. Winter is a popular time to leave town, whether you’re traveling to see family or to escape the cold. Unfortunately, many pests can hitchhike in your luggage. Bed bugs thrive through the cold season for this reason. Wash all clothing immediately and check all of your luggage and bags for any eggs. If you’re unsure what bedbug eggs might look like, click here to read the CDC’s guide to common pests.
  5. Keep storage and clutter to a minimum. Rats and other rodents, as well as many insects, will hide in leaf litter, garbage, storage boxes, or just about anywhere else they fit. The cleaner and more decluttered the space, the fewer hiding places common pests will have.

When in doubt, call the experts. Masters Pest Control can give you tips on keeping your home pest-free, and we can also implement effective prevention methods that will protect you year-round. Our family owned and operated service has been around over 30 years, so we have learned all of the best ways to protect your home or business. Call us at 877-546-9575 to request a quote or initial consultation.