Cockroach 101: Controlling the Tri-State Area’s Most Resilient Pest

Pest Control sign next to dead bed bugFall in the tri-state area is special: leaves change colors, apple cider donuts are everywhere, and it’s time to carve pumpkins. One less amusing aspect of the season, however, is that pests make their way indoors to get to warm weather, and controlling an infestation can be difficult. How can you enjoy a glass of apple cider when a bug scuttles across your floor? Cockroaches, one of the most prolific species of insects, are particularly burdensome. They can make you feel stressed and unhappy in the one place you should be able to relax: your home. Learn the telltale signs of what attracts these pests and when it’s best to seek pest control professionals for an intervention.

Most people are familiar with cockroaches because they are everywhere. There are over 4,000 different varieties. Luckily, only four species in the U.S. cause problems in homes and businesses. As many know, cockroaches increase in population at a rapid rate, meaning it can be very difficult to exterminate them yourself.

People often think cockroach infestations occur because of a dirty environment or a decrepit building, but most of the time that is far from true. These prolific pests can easily find their way inside and live on any subsistence they find, even book bindings, soap, shoe linings, and more. They can live up to a month with little or no food. Even worse, cockroaches in the environment can cause asthma– click here to read more from the American Lung Association.

The first step to getting rid of cockroaches is to keep spaces as clean as possible, because although an untidy environment doesn’t cause an infestation, it can help one thrive. Put away and seal all food, even cat and dog food, and ensure that food dishes are cleaned and contained. Clean any hiding areas frequently, like spaces behind furniture or areas with clutter.

Unfortunately, because these insects reproduce quickly and are great at hiding, you likely can’t exterminate them on your own. This is where our team comes in. The technicians at Masters Pest Control understand how stressful a cockroach infestation could be, and we’re here to help you eradicate. Click here to request a quote for services, or call us at 877-546-9575.