Keeping Your House Carpenter Ant Free: Removal in the Tri-State Area

two ants invading a homeIt’s no secret that warmer weather draws out pests of every kind, but many tri-state area residents particularly struggle to remove carpenter ants in the summer months. Read on to find out how to identify and prevent these burrowing bugs from taking over your home.

Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not consume the wood they inhabit. Instead, they excavate tunnels for their nests. Carpenter ants often seek shelter when disturbed, so newly constructed houses, as well as houses near wooded forests, are particularly prone to infestation. Even worse, carpenter ants are attracted to an array of food and water sources, bringing them up close and personal. For more information about their habitat and reproduction cycle, read the National Park Service’s page by clicking here.

The best way to identify a carpenter ant infestation is by visually identifying small holes in wood lined with “wood frass” – debris that looks like pencil shavings. Otherwise, you might see ants themselves, sometimes winged and sometimes not. If you see any signs of an infestation, it’s important to call Masters Pest Control right away. You can click here to find the details on how we treat carpenter ants, but the most important aspect of removal is a thorough inspection, and a sustained and determined treatment.

By the time you see the physical signs of carpenter ants, the damage can be devastating and costly. For this reason, prevention is always better than treatment. Whether administering a treatment or prevention plan, Masters Pest Control will apply a protective barrier that, when properly maintained it will greatly reduce the risk of carpenter ants from seeking food or shelter in your home. Professional treatment is highly effective compared to DIY treatments.

Masters Pest Control offers full-service carpenter ant control and prevention programs. If you would like additional information regarding carpenter ants, we can provide that for you upon your request. Ask the Masters! We can be reached at 877-546-9575. Let’s solve this together.