Mosquito Control in The Tri-State Area

As summer starts to heat up, the cookouts begin as well! However, even the best outdoor activities can be ruined by everyone’s least favorite outdoor pest– mosquitoes. These pests are a big nuisance in the Tri-State area and can breed anywhere there’s standing water. Add on the ability to carry deadly diseases like West Nile, and the presence of these pests goes from annoying to dangerous. The CDC recognizes 12 different species of germ-carrying mosquitos, giving you good reason to protect yourself as much as possible. Masters Pest Control has solutions. Below we’ll give you some ideas for protecting yourself and your loved ones.

When enjoying a barbeque or party this summer, start by using an EPA-approved repellent. When used properly, repellents with DEET and other ingredients can be effective for all parties. Always remember to read the label! Also consider using a proper mosquito net whenever possible, including screens on your windows so they don’t find their way inside. Wearing long sleeved clothing and protecting your skin can help immensely, which also helps reduce tick bites! And, perhaps most important, drain any standing water from outside containers like flower pots, pools, birdbaths, etc. The longer the water is standing, the higher a potential for mosquitoes to breed.

Masters Pest Control can further offer a specialized solution called In2Care Mosquito Control that complements our yard tick program perfectly. In2Care Mosquito Control is eco-friendly, safe for bees and butterflies, and pet friendly. The discrete traps are placed on your property. Mosquitoes are attracted to the trap and, upon leaving the trap, will spread the active ingredient to other breeding sights, ensuring future mosquito larvae are exposed, stopping the cycle of mosquitoes in your yard! Read more about it here.

To talk more about this solution or to receive a free estimate, give us a call at 845-856-2024 or email us at Allow us to take care of the pests, so you can get back to enjoying your summer.