Flea Treatment in the Tri-State Area: A Job for the Professionals


When it comes to treating fleas in your home, there is one thing most Tri-State residents learn the hard way: you can’t treat fleas by yourself. DIY solutions like flea bombs or excessive cleanliness tend to be ineffective, giving fleas the opportunity to return again later in full force. For a quick and safe solution, calling a professional is best.

First, let’s talk about how fleas get into our homes. In the northeast they’re an incredibly common problem, and it’s no secret they often come from our pets. Dogs and cats carry fleas in from the outside and provide the perfect host, but fleas will bite humans and pets alike. These insidious pests will lay an egg on their host, which then rolls off into the surrounding environment. Carpet, furniture– nothing is safe! As summer heats up these bugs become more prevalent, breeding quickly in a warm environment. While mature fleas are feasible to get rid of, the eggs and larvae will hatch within a few weeks. This means that even if you’ve gotten rid of the live fleas, more are on their way. This makes it incredibly difficult to completely eradicate them. Adult fleas make up only 20% of the population, the remaining 80% are in egg, larval, and pupae stages.

Most people attempt to treat by buying “flea bombs”. The problem with this solution is you risk unnecessary exposure to pesticides. Did you cover toilet tissue? Plates? Towels? Salt and pepper shakers? It’s very difficult to remember every facet of pesticide exposure while also ensuring you’ve cleared the areas where flea larvae can exist – such as under couches or in the corners of the room.

Masters Pest Control has the knowledge and experience required to completely eradicate fleas, and we can greatly reduce exposure to pesticides. Our service is guaranteed and we even offer a free no-obligation initial appointment. It’s crucial to take care of fleas as soon as you notice them in your home, and we’re here to help any way we can. Read up on how to prepare for a flea treatment, and shoot us an email at info@masterspestcontrol.com, so we can help.