Termite Season: A Pest Control Guide to the Tri-State’s Spring Swarmers

Most people have seen termites in a cartoon– they rush in and seemingly destroy a house within minutes. Real termites don’t work quite that fast, but they can cause devastation to your property. Often, termites are referred to as “The Silent Destroyer,” because they thrive for years before being detected. During the spring and summer, your property is at greater risk of a termite infestation, so learn more about these pests, and keep an eye out for the telltale signs.

In nature, termites play a vital role – breaking down and reducing fallen trees. To termites, however, wood is wood. They can’t tell the difference between a fallen tree and your home! Even so, with some care and attention, there are several ways to prevent termites in the first place. The most important are to:

  • Keep moisture away from the foundation of your home
  • Avoid planting shrubbery or trees too close to your home, and clear out any near your home
  • Avoid keeping firewood or wood debris close to your home

Since termites rely on wood debris and water to survive, it is best to make sure these do not linger around your home, allowing termites to breed. In the springtime, after the last freeze, swarmers can emerge in large groups, providing a clear warning that you have an infestation. Discovering dropped termite wings, mud tubes on exterior walls and wooden beams, or the presence of hollow wood are some other signs of a problem.

Masters Pest Control takes a sustainable and effective approach with a low environmental impact to rid your home of termites. We use the Exterra Monitoring and Bait Program, which involves an initial inspection, baiting the termites, and subsequent inspections to ensure extermination. Effectively executing this process requires the knowledge and attention of our expertly trained termite technicians. If you need to schedule an inspection or would like to learn more, call us at 888-565-2024, or email us at info@masterspestcontrol.com.