Rodent Pest Control Preparations for Another Tri-State Winter

Winter is bringing 2020 to a close – and bringing rodents into homes! Do you know why they’re getting in? Sure, you likely have cracks that have been overlooked around windows and doors. Maybe your garbage cans aren’t secure or your firewood is too close to the house. Each of these conditions makes your home the target of infestations. At the root of the problem, however, is the true reason pests are working so hard to come in. You have everything that’s needed to make it through the winter – shelter, warmth, and food. It’s something to be grateful for, as we head into the Holiday Season, and proper rodent pest control preparations, now, will give Tri-State residents even more to give thanks for, as the year draws to a close.

Rodents travel in groups, but those packs contain more than rats. These pests bring with them another pest, entirely: fleas. They also bring germs. In fact, rodents carry up to thirty-five diseases that are harmful to humans. Rodents are more than a health risk, however. Their penchant for chewing wires also makes them a fire hazard.

Worse yet, rodents are smart. They’ll find their way around traps, which is why autumn should be a time of preventative measures like moving woodpiles, which attract mice, away from the home. Walls, doors, and windows should all be inspected for even the smallest of cracks, which must immediately be sealed. Finally, because the following months are a time of celebration, food, cookies, candy, and other treats must be stored in airtight containers.

Rodents’ problem solving abilities, however, mean you still might discover an infestation, despite your best efforts. Remember that these pests are carriers of disease and fleas. If prevention falls, removal should be handled by a professional. Disturbing their nests can expose your family to airborne bacteria and subject them to itchy flea bites. The experts at Masters Pest Control know how to identify nesting and feeding areas, eliminate infestations, and provide the determined effort often necessary to resolve a rodent problem. Learn more about rodents here.

November through December is a time for family. An inspection and consultation by the professionals at Masters Pest Control gives your family a safe, healthy environment in which to weather the winter. Contact the Masters to request a quote for your contact-less visit!