Pest Control for the Tri-State Area’s Fall Invaders

Summer has ended, and with it, the season for disease-carrying insects like mosquitoes and ticks. While the pests that will replace them this fall might not pose as great of a threat, they are nonetheless a nuisance and create unpleasant conditions in the home. September is the season for stink bug and bedbug pest control in the tri-state area.

We’ve all seen the shield-shaped, green or brown stink bugs crawling on our walls or ceilings. Although they’re most active during the warmer months, once indoors, they can continue to thrive through the winter. Although they are harmless, the namesake pungent smell of these insects is quite unpleasant. They release the odor when bothered or crushed, making their removal tricky. Therefore, the best defenses against a stink bug invasion are preventative measures.

Stink bugs get into homes through door and window frames, and other common structural points of entry.  Since stink bugs are also drawn to bright light, a simple tip for reducing their numbers in your home is to switch exterior lights to yellow bulbs, which they find less attractive.

If these efforts do not reduce your home’s stink bug population, you may need the professionals at Masters Pest Control to identify and treat entry points. Click here to learn more about how the Masters can help you fend off a stink bug invasion.

While stink bugs’ distinctive shield shape makes them easy to identify, bedbugs can go largely undetected until the itching begins. They typically emerge at night, when their hosts are sleeping, then retreat into seams of bed frames, night stands, and gaps in wall moldings, come daylight. They are so small that even the pages of books, the insides of televisions, and the heads of screws in furniture can become hiding spots. This is because, during the first few stages of life, bedbugs are no larger than the head of a pin.

The incessant itching can cause insomnia and scratches that lead to infections. While bedbugs are adept at concealing themselves, they leave behind indicators of their presence in the bedding and walls of infested homes. These include sheets with bloodspots, fecal dots that resemble pepper flakes on mattresses and furniture, and the remains of their exoskeleton when they shed. A careful eye might also identify adult bedbugs, as well as their eggs and nymphs, throughout the home.

The ability to work their way into the smallest of spaces makes bedbugs a challenge to remove. A seemingly effective do-it-yourself treatment could end with fresh bites and itching shortly after. Attempting to remedy an invasion on one’s own is a common mistake made when dealing with bedbugs. It’s important to leave the job to professionals you trust.

A determined effort by trained professionals is needed in order to successfully rid your home of bedbugs. Click here to learn how Masters Pest Control can help.

Both stink bugs and bedbugs are resilient pests that won’t leave easily, once they gain a foothold in your home. Whether irritating to the nose or the skin, these pests can be a serious detriment to your comfort.