Environmentally Friendly Mosquito Control Helps Make the Most of Your Yard

Your yard is more than your property. It’s your playground, your family area, your garden, and your BBQ venue. This spring has been unseasonable cool, so as summer approaches we’re no doubt eager to take off the pool cover and fire up the grill. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin the season you’ve so patiently waited for, and don’t trust repellents alone to do the trick! While repellents provide temporary relief from biting insects, they don’t address the problem at its source. To keep mosquitoes from multiplying, you’ll need to attack them where they breed. Luckily, Masters Pest Control offers an effective, environmentally friendly mosquito control solution that does just that: our innovative In2Care mosquito program.

Our region’s humid summer climate makes mosquito control a priority in the tri-state area. Throughout your yard, flower pots, birdbaths, garbage cans, and more can all collect standing water, making them attractive to mosquitoes. While these insects thrive in warm temperatures, extreme highs drive them to water, where they breed. These small bodies of water can cause your property to have a high mosquito population, come summer. Before grilling season is in full swing, inspect your property for areas where water might collect, and drain any standing water that has already accumulated. Even then, however, a long-term solution might be needed.

The In2Care mosquito program lures mosquitoes to a trap, where they are contaminated with a bioactive larvicide, which they then carry back to their breeding grounds. After killing the larvae, the bioactive agent then kills the mosquitoes that carried it, reducing the spread of disease. In2Care reduces the use of chemical pesticides and, therefore, does not harm beneficial insects like bees and butterflies. It is an innovative green product that can be used around pets. While repellents wash away, In2Care remains active 24/7. Click here for more information on our In2Care mosquito program.

Whether you’re concerned about mosquito-borne disease or would simply like to enjoy your backyard without scratching at itchy bites the next day, Masters Pest Control can provide the knowledge and tools needed to reduce mosquito populations on your property. Give us a call at (877) 546-9575, and take back your yard!