Environmental Modifications Pest Control

What is environmental modifications pest control? It is the practice of controlling and or reducing conditions that are favorable to pests. Pests survive and thrive when environments appeal to their senses, and those senses are attracted to dirt, clutter, litter, and moisture.

Masters Pest Control offers services to help rid homes and yards of unwanted pests, but homeowners need to do their part as well. Identify spaces within your domain where you can easily work to eliminate areas of concern. These routine practices along with a complete Masters Pest Control program can help to stem seasonal pest pressure.

Some simple environmental modifications every homeowner can do: Clean out gutters and make sure water can flow freely through drains. Keep areas around the house free of rubbish. Maintain the lawn with weekly mowing. Empty any vessels, bird baths or garden pots of standing water. Place cut and stacked wood away from the house, not on the front porch. Clean countertops frequently, put away food, and avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink. Close up entry points around the home, even those the size of a dime. Getting rid of these unfavorable conditions for pests lessens the attraction.
Springtime might mean warmer air and blooming flowers, but it also means spring pests. For a better understanding of what pests to keep a lookout for this time of year, Pest World.org, the official website of the National Pest Management Association, offers some advice on keeping areas clean and tidy. 

Environmental modifications pest control is only effective if continuously practiced. Identifying compromised areas and working with the professionals at Masters Pest Control in attacking a pest problem from multiple angles will help to ensure greater success and a healthier home. Welcome to spring!