Let Masters Pest Control Help You Sleep Tight

You’ve shut off the light. As you fall asleep, thirsty creatures living unseen in your home come out of hiding, drawn to a warm host. In the darkness, their mouths pierce your skin as they feed on your blood. Now that they’ve gotten a taste, they’ll be back night after night.

September might seem a month too early for talk about bloodsuckers, but bedbugs are a very real concern this time of year – and warding them off takes more than a few cloves of garlic. Without needing to turn into bats, they disappear come daylight, retreating into sheets, laundry, luggage, backpacks, bed framing, night stands, baseboards, and even the pages of books.

In fact, bedbugs can hide almost anywhere in the homes of their hosts. They can even hide inside televisions and the heads of screws in furniture. During the first of their five life stages, bedbugs are no larger than the head of a pin. For this reason, they often go undetected, until the telltale itching from their bites begins. This incessant itching can cause insomnia, and the scratching that comes with it can lead to infections. But everyone reacts differently, and some folks may not react at all to being bitten. Other signs of an infestation can be found in the bedding and walls of infested homes. These include sheets with holes, bloodspots, and discarded skins. Adult bedbugs, as well as their eggs and nymphs, may also be found throughout the home.

The ability to work their way into the smallest of spaces makes bedbugs a challenge to remove on one’s own. A seemingly effective treatment could end with fresh bites and itching shortly after. By leaving bedbug infestations to the Masters, you’ll drive a stake through the heart of the problem and be able to sleep tight. Give us a call with any of your pest problems and we will send you a professional to take care of you. 877-546-9575