Preparing for Spring; How to be a Step Ahead of the Springtime Pests

While it can be difficult to think about springtime during such freezing temperatures, spring is coming up quickly. As nice as this sounds, be careful not to fall victim to springtime pests.

Examples of Springtime Pests

Common springtime pests include ants (including carpenter ants), bees, beetles, crickets, spiders, ticks, and wasps. Ants are usually the first to appear once the temperatures start to get warmer. Make sure you’re a step ahead of them by following these simple tips to protect your home.

Tips to Deal with Springtime Ants

Starting from the inside of your home, you’ll want to make sure you keep a clean kitchen and pantry. If food is not completely sealed they will surely attract a nice hungry group of ants. Even the smallest crumbs can be enough to bring invaders your way. A good way to prevent this is to clean out your cabinets, regularly sweeping the floor, and wiping down counters after every use.

Another tip for the inside of your home is to make sure the lids on your trash cans are tight fitting. The food inside can become an endless supply for hundreds of ants. If you have garbage cans outside, make sure they are placed at least ten feet away from your home so the ants don’t make their way near where they can wander in.

The first step in preventing early springtime ants is to examine the exterior of your home. Check for cracks and holes in the foundation and get them filled as soon as possible. Even the smallest cracks give plenty of room for any pest to have their own private entryway. Also, check for any rips in your screen windows, this would be an open invitation for all kinds of pests.

If you follow these tips then you’re off to a good start to help prevent an ant infestation this spring. If you end up finding that these unwanted pests still made their way into your home, then give the masters at Masters Pest Control a call for more information on how we can help get the situation under control! 877-546-9575