How do Bugs Survive the Winter?

As the temperature drops and the snow falls, we all seem to have our minds on the cold and forget about the bugs. They bother us so much in the other seasons but where do they disappear to in the winter? The truth is, they pretty much do disappear. Different kinds of bugs have different methods of surviving the winter, and some aren’t as simple as flying toward warmer weather.

Mud or Dirt; You Choose

Some insects beat out the winter days by traveling to deep dark places. Water insects swim to the bottom of a lake, pond, or river and burrow into the mud. Deep down they are able to stay warm while the ice thickens up above them. The same goes for insects that live on land. Honeybees, for example, go deep underground and huddle together to stay warm. As winter passes over, these insects work together for warmth and survival.

Slow it Down

This one may shock you, but some insects can slow down their metabolism when they sense winter is coming. This is known as “Diapause” and it lets insects suspend development while their body uses stored fats that allows them to survive in that current state. You can typically find these types of insects, like black ants or mosquitoes, huddled in a log or in the ground. While in the state of diapause, they essentially do nothing. As winter comes to a slow end, they become more active and prepare for springtime.

Bugs In Your Home!

Yeah buried in the mud sounds great and all, but your house is looking really warm and cozy this winter. If there’s a way in, they’ll find it, and you may have no clue all winter long. The key is to bug-proof the outside of your house in the fall; if you missed that step then no worries. Our team at Masters are trained professionals in bug control and we can help you get rid of any unwanted winter time guests. Give us a call for more information on how we can assist you this winter!