Asian Lady Beetle

Lady Bug or Asian Lady Beetle?

When it comes to the ladybug you may already have an idea of what they look like and what they do. We all enjoy their colorful spotted appearance and small half-sphere shaped body. These harmless and also beneficial creatures can sometimes get mixed up with the Asian lady beetle. Although the two are in the same insect family, they differ in ways that separate the bugs from the pests.

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Who the Farmers Prefer

A small infestation of certain pests can turn into a season-ending disaster. When it comes to ladybugs, you should be happy to see these little guys roaming around your plants and crops. Ladybugs consume plant-eating insects such as aphids, and this helps protect your crops. Similarly, the Asian lady beetle also eats aphids and can be a benefit to the ecosystem of a garden. When it comes to the Asian lady beetle the real discomfort of their presence happens when you see them in your home.

Asian Lady Beetle damage

The biggest distinguishing factor that the ladybug and Asian lady beetle have is that Asian lady beetles can gather by the tens of thousands. This only gets worse when they decide their gathering spot will be in your home. The beetles gather in warm places during the cold seasons, so expect to find them in your attic, ceiling and wall voids, or any other warm place in your home.

Not only could these beetles take over your home, but they also produce a foul-smelling defense chemical. This chemical they produce can leave yellow stains behind, making an even bigger mess to deal with.

Call in the Masters

As professionals in pest control, the Masters team can help you get your home back. Blocking off all possible entrances to your home is the first step. By bug proofing the outside of your home, this can help with future infestations for all types of pests. Once the outside of your home is protected, the professionals at Masters Pest Control can perform service on the inside, as necessary, to drop interior populations. Call the Masters to learn more. 877-546-9575