Asian Beetles

Asian Beetles are a type of beetle that has spread throughout America and parts of Canada. As a member of the Coccinellidae family of beetles, this species looks similar to other lady beetles. Because of these similarities, it may be difficult to tell these pests apart from their peaceful siblings. In order to clear up this confusion, we here at Masters Pest Control have decided to create this blog.

Why are Asian Beetles in the States?

The Asian Beetle originated in eastern Asia and was first brought to the states in 1916. They were released in California in order to help fight against pecan aphids. More of these beetles were brought to California in 1964 -1965. From 1978 through 1982, this pest was introduced to a larger number of states including Pennsylvania.

How to Tell Asian Beetles from Ladybugs

As stated above it can be difficult to tell an Asian Beetle apart from a ladybug, so here are some things to look for:

1. Color and Spots

The first thing to look for is the color of a beetle’shell and how many spots are on it. When looking at a typical ladybug you should notice that their shells are normally red in coloration and have 7 black spots on them. On the other hand, the Asian variety tend to be more of an orange coloration and can have either no or a few black spots.

2. M Marks the Spot

Another way that you can tell these two species apart is by looking at their heads. When looking at the head of the Asian Beetle you will notice a distinct black M or W shaped maker. This marking is missing from the head of a normal ladybug.

The Problem with Asian Beetles

There are many different reasons that this beetle is considered a pest. First of all, when the weather outside gets cold they will try to get into your house. In order to do this, they will enter through any holes they can find. If you find one in your house be careful when dealing with them. This is because unlike ladybugs, these beetles can bite. When these beetles feel threatened they will use their pincers to bite at their aggressors. These pests have enough force behind them to break through human skin. Which causes minor, short-lived discomfort. If this was not enough of an issue, they can also secrete a foul-smelling yellowish liquid. This substance comes out of the joints on their legs and can stain light colored surfaces. Finally, the dead bodies of these pests can cause allergic reactions in select individuals.


If you find your home infested with Asian Beetles then call Masters Pest Control today! Our pest control experts will be there to take care of all your needs.

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