The Fight against Tick-Borne Diseases

Port Jervis, NY – The nation is currently experiencing an alarming increase in the number of cases of diseases stemming from tick bites. Masters Pest Control is one local company striving to make a difference in the fight against those illnesses brought to our population via these tiny parasites. While recognizing the threat, and maintaining sensitivity to the public’s concern over toxic insecticides, they have developed their own unique solution to the problem.

The steady increase in the number of cases of tick-borne diseases seen throughout the country has prompted the ESA (Entomological Society of America) to implement a national strategy against ticks. The ESA has termed this project, “Integrated Tick Management.” Its goal is to reduce the incidence of diseases carried by ticks, such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Tularemia by taking control of tick populations and to “solve the tick problem.”

In a recently issued statement, ESA President, Philip Mulder, explained, “The rapid rise in tick-borne diseases is a critical national issue. A recent confluence of environmental, ecological, sociological, and human demographic factors has created a near ‘perfect storm,’ leading to more ticks in more places. Robust investment in training and research support for the existing and future generation of tick scientists is key to developing solutions that will relieve the escalating health and economic burdens caused by tick parasitism and tick-borne diseases in North America.”

In order to attack this serious threat, methods sought are those which increase public awareness as well as offer encouragement for our universities, industry and government to partner in order to understand and mitigate tick-borne illnesses.

In the spirit of the ESA’s objectives, Masters offers the creation of a “Tick-Free Zone” around your home. To achieve this, they employ a botanical active ingredient, which is recognized as a 25(b) minimum risk insecticide and is also N.O.P. (National Organics Program) compliant. Masters prides itself in being experts in the fight against the threat from ticks and has remained active in this pursuit for over thirty years. They can offer many helpful tips for anyone concerned by this serious national threat.

A family owned and operated business since 1982, Masters service locations throughout the tri-state area including Orange, Pike, Sullivan, Sussex and Wayne counties. For more information on how you can rid yourself of ticks and set up your own “Tick-Free Zone” to protect your family, call Masters Pest Control at (877) 546-9575, or visit their website at

The ESPA has issued a statement regarding the severity of Tick-Borne Diseases, which you can access at to further educate yourself against the threat posed by ticks.

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